THG has extensive experience in managing and conducting qualitative research studies that will give you in-depth understanding of how your customers think, feel, and act.  Our research staff members are skilled in designing studies that collect reliable and valid data through focus groups, in-depth interviews, executive interviews, and usability studies.

We are known for our success in recruiting highly segmented, hard-to-reach populations, and addressing deeply personal and sensitive topics.  Because THG interviewers are trained to listen and interact empathetically, respondents feel comfortable and tell the truth about what they are really feeling.  And because we know how to keep an interview or group on track, all subjects are covered within the required time limit.

The richness of the data we collect enables us to provide our clients with a deep and clear understanding of what their customers’ believe and think, and how they act.  Our reports link our findings and insights directly to strategic objectives and our recommendations for next steps are clear and immediately actionable.

  • Quantitative Research Services
  • PRO Instrument Development Services

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