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Environmental Intelligence

THG’s focus on environmental intelligence allows you to swiftly understand how developing and changing trends in public opinion might affect your business — knowledge that makes a critical difference in developing your immediate and long-term responses. Because we constantly review relevant data sources, you can improve your core business practices and avoid being caught off-guard by new developments.

Relationship Management

The state of relationships between your organization and your customers or stakeholders is fundamental to your success. While the importance of establishing and maintaining customer/stakeholder relationships in order to meet operational goals is well understood, it is also important to recognize that strategic relationships will help organizations survive dramatic policy changes, economic hardships, accidents or incidents, negative shifts in public opinion, and other challenges.

THG can help your organization improve your customer relationship management. We also specialize in helping you identify and define key stakeholders and opinion leaders, build and maintain long-standing strategic relationships, and proactively communicate with all constituencies critical to your success.

Reputation Management

Reputation can be defined as the sum of the perceptions various constituencies have of an organization, and the adage that “perception is reality” has never been truer than it is in today’s environment. In this era when search engines don’t distinguish between credible and non-credible information sources, when trust can be so easily broken by ill-informed voices, more and more organizations are finding that proactively managing their reputation has become an essential business practice.

At The Henne Group, we know that the first step in reputation management is to measure and track perception among your key constituencies. We understand all of the reasons organizations are often late to recognize, understand, and believe shifts in perceptions, all of which can quickly and significantly affect reputation. Since communicating early and often can make the difference between whether shifting perceptions will ultimately affect your bottom line, THG will develop and implement tactics that facilitate timely, objective, and routine review and action.

Issues Management and Crisis Communications

Even with the very best relationship and reputation management, issues can arise that are so important to the organization that they require a very specific strategic communications plan to guide appropriate and timely action. The best-case scenario is that robust Environmental Intelligence (EI) has identified the issue early, but even if your organization doesn’t conduct EI, and even with late identification of an issue, THG professionals can help you deal with any issue your organization faces at all stages of development.

Careful and deliberate analysis of issues and a strategic determination of options for issues management tactics are key steps in which communications strategists at THG excel. We’ll tell you when the best option is to remain in a reactive mode. We’ll tell you when it is time to take action and how. We’ll tell you when a more assertive response must be taken.

You can expect a very explicit Issues Management roadmap from THG containing goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and messages. We’ll help you implement IM communications with just the right tone, message framing, and tactical outreach to get the results you need.

Sometimes the issue at hand can turn into a crisis very quickly and must be addressed immediately. At THG we are flexible and can move as quickly as the situation warrants. THG communications professionals have decades of experience in crisis communications and will use that expertise to help you manage your way through any crisis.

Agenda Setting

Agenda setting utilizes the ability of mass media to bring issues to the attention of various publics. It has been said, “the media may not be successful in telling people what to think, but are stunningly successful in telling them what to think about.” (Cohen) The more attention the mass media pays to a cause, the more the public will perceive that cause as important. And the more attention that social media devotes to a cause, the more mass media sees that cause as important and, in turn, gives it more play.

Agenda setting is an important communications tool, especially for government agencies, non-profit organizations and think tanks. Additionally, more and more businesses are finding they benefit from effective agenda setting and public service marketing.

THG communications professionals can help your organization achieve results in building awareness, salience, and urgency for your cause, product category, public health concern, or healthcare development through the strategic use of both traditional and social media.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing is the application of consumer marketing principles and tools for both individual and community level behavior change. The fields of Public Health, Medicine, Environment, and Development have all practiced social marketing in the past quarter century with great success. THG communications professionals have planned, implemented, and evaluated highly effective social marketing campaigns for our clients. We can do the same for you.

Enterprise Communications

Enterprise Communications borrows tools from agenda setting and issues management to help you communicate effectively with audiences inside your organization. Many organizations have found strategic enterprise communications to be especially useful during times of new and emerging products or other developments, major policy changes, environmental or public opinion challenges, changes in management, or reorganizations.

THG professionals can ensure your internal messages are framed and positioned for clarity and impact and delivered through appropriate and efficient communication channels. Additionally, THG guarantees that your best advocates – your company’s employees – understand your situation, can articulate your position, and are comfortable carrying your messages to each other, your customers and other key constituents.

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