Kidney Disease Study

New Project on Kidney Disease

The Henne Group is currently working on a new project involving patients diagnosed with kidney disease (related to diabetes) in various stages.

People interested in being a part of this study may contact us at 415-348-2986 or 877.737.5782 x 286 or click on the Kidney Disease Screener to see if they qualify for the study. Participants will receive $100 as a thank you incentive to compensate for their time and effort.

This project’s primary objective is to elicit patients’ experiences with kidney disease, including time of diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment history.

Those interviewed will include adult men and women with a clinical diagnosis of  kidney disease  (Chronic Kidney Disease or Diabetic Kidney Disease –kidney disease caused by Diabetes), drawn from four different geographic locations in the US, each with a major hospital treating a high volume of nephrology cases.

The lead members of the project team have years of experience managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. THG’s Jeff Henne has been involved in numerous scale-development projects using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. THG’s Project Manager, has also extensive experience managing pharmaceutical market research projects.

Looking for participants

The Henne Group is looking for patients who are diagnosed with Kidney Disease. We will be conducting one hour long in-person interviews in different cities across the US. We want to learn more about individuals with this condition. Participants will give input that will help our sponsor understand how to better meet their needs.

The interviews are being conducted starting in the third week of January and located in major cities in the US.

No attempt will be made to sell anything or influence their thinking, and all participation is confidential.

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Please be patient…

This page is currently under construction.  Please check back with us later.

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