Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Since 2008, THG has conducted over a dozen qualitative and quantitative projects for Gilead Sciences – all of which involve the recruiting of hard-to-reach populations.  In a 2008 study, THG recruited 80 participants across eight cities to conduct a total of 65 one-hour interviews.  This was an extremely difficult recruit – participants had to meet a patient profile, and were estimated to be approximately 5% of the total patient population.  Even with the difficult recruiting specifications, the entire timeline of this project was only 10 weeks.

In 2010, THG was contracted to provide qualitative research which involved recruiting 540 HIV-diagnosed patients who had not yet taken medication for their HIV for participation in a 40-minute survey in English or Spanish.  Outreach was conducted via health clinics and non-profit organizations supplemented by internet and telephone outreach data gathering.

In late 2010, THG conducted two studies for Gilead involving the recruitment of focus groups and one-on-one interviews in the Phoenix area.  For one study, nine HIV-positive females between the ages of 32 and 64 were screened using very specific eligibility criteria regarding their date of HIV diagnosis and their medication regimen.  For the other, 13 men and women of varying ethnicity and sexual orientation between the ages of 23 and 64 were screened using similarly specific criteria.

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